Thursday, July 2, 2015

Random Writing: The Decrepit House

I used to participate in a writers gathering where we discussed issues with writing and usually did a writing prompt. We'd be given 15-20 minutes to come up with our response. The responses were shared unedited or perfected. I was cleaning out my computer today, and came across this quick scene I wrote from one of the prompts, and felt compelled to share it.

The Prompt

My Response

Red is the color I see as the sun begins its descend. Shadows crawl through the dying grass making their way up my uneven pavement, my crumbling steps, my rotting door, until finally I am consumed by darkness.

It is only then that I begin to hear the chilling sounds only night can bring. I buckle down, fighting to hold myself together, hoping to protect the precious jewels I hold within.

Drops begin to fall slow, cold, wet stabs piercing my open pores. The drops become faster, faster, faster until all I see is sheets of rain. Lightning strikes nearby followed by the roaring sound of thunder. The wind swirls all around making my walls tremble.

I hear them scream from inside and the sound breaks me. Crack. I want to fight the demons for them. I want to make them feel safe, but I am old, and the demons are so strong. Crack.

Hours pass. I am weak, worn down by the relentless blows of the storm. Crack. I don’t want to give up. I want to continue my fight, but I know, as the ones inside already seem to have realized, that I will fail. Crack

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  1. Daisy, what group is this? It looks like something I did in my undergrad which I'm missing terribly on bad writing days!