Friday, August 29, 2014

5 Signs That You're Meant To Be A Writer

Since I'm starting with a clean slate I figured I'd address one of the many questions I'm often asked when I tell someone I'm a writer: How did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Considering how long it took me to find that one thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I felt this was a good place to start.

So here they are, the 5 signs that informed me I was meant to be a writer. I hope they will help you in discovering your passion as well.

#5. Daydreamer

You find yourself daydreaming while doing mundane everyday things. You might see two people having a conversation, or hear a song and your mind just takes flight. You begin to make up your own conversation, or you start to put a setting and purpose to a song. Next thing you know, you've stopped whatever it is you're doing and written 1,000 words. An hour has gone by, and you find you could keep going for at least another one.

This means you have countless journals, with different scenes, from different stories, you hope to someday finish. These journals, scraps of torn paper, napkins, or post-it notes are everywhere. You keep a folder or binder filled with these stories for "someday."

#4. You're Passionate About Books and Reading

You love to read. More importantly, you love to read in various genres. Reading is an essential part of being a writer. It's close to impossible to be a writer without a passion for it. I met a girl during one of my literature classes in college that said she was a writer, hated to read, and didn't need to read in order to be a writer. While I can respect her opinion, I couldn't stop wondering why anyone would want to be a writer if they hated reading. The love of writing usually arises from a love of reading. You read a book one day that is so inspiring, you hope to have that same affect on someone, even if it's just one other person. Reading is also one of the best ways to improve your own writing. You see how various authors do it, you take a little form each one, and you create your own style.

This means you have more bookshelves and books than any normal person. Most of which haven't been read, but you continue to purchase them for that one day you'll have time to read them.

#3. You Solve Problems (Or Express Your Feelings) With Written Words 

When you and your significant other have an argument, your first instinct is to write about it, or write them a poem or letter. This is also true of expressing your love, appreciation, or concerns with anyone you know. Feelings that are difficult to express in speech, but come naturally in writing. Usually, when I'm struggling with my emotions or going through a difficult time, I write a poem. This is my outlet. This truth was one of the first signs that I was meant to be a writer. I'd been journaling as an escape, until one day my feelings turned into poetry and I never looked back.

So what this means is that your loved ones have learned to have one sided discussions. They speak their mind and walk away, giving you time to put together your love note. They've also come to expect a well written card or letter during special occasions.

#2. You're A Loner/Introvert

You prefer to be alone for long stretches of time and an evening with your computer, journal, or book is just as enticing as an evening out with friends. Not all, but most, writers are introverted. I have met a good number of writers and we all seem to have this same characteristic. While some have been the opposite, shyness seems to be a common trait. I believe this has something to do with the uncertainty and self-doubt most writers experience. Contrary to popular belief, most writers are insecure, and fear what others think of their work.

This means that the idea of participating in group readings is the equivalent of being seen naked in public.

#1. You Can't Imagine Living Without Writing

While the previous signs are pretty good indicators you're meant to be a writer, none is as important as this one. Regardless of what you do or don't do, this is the one thing EVERY writer has: a passion for writing. You dream about it. You talk about it. You read about. You can't imagine waking up one day and not having writing be a part of your life. Even if you never publish a single thing, you will write until the day you die.

This, above all else, is the one true sign of a writer.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer?


  1. I love your post Daisy and I can relate to this too. Thanks for writing this wonderful post!

  2. Thank you so much Sylvia. I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you have any others to add, I'd love to hear them :)